Black Belt Fast Track

Reach Your Goal with a Structured Plan Designed to Give You Results

Students with the goal of black belt are welcome to be interviewed for the fast track program. The BBFT has been designed to help students achieve the rank of black belt in 3 to 5 years.

After completing the beginners package students will train 3 days a week for 3 years and test regularly 3-4 times a year. At home, students will use the Shotokan app to create a home practice for 10 hours a week. During the last year of the program students will receive an extra pre black belt class to help them prepare for their final test. Students will feel confident, well prepared, and ready to achieve the rank of black belt.

What does it take to successfully complete the BBFT?

It takes perseverance, dedication, and consistence to earn your black belt. Successful students watch, process, and apply the information and most importantly are open to being teachable.


What are the benefits of the program and a regular practice?

This program teaches you to be committed, make goals and achieve them, be teachable, become a leader, and problem solve. Students will see more results and progress when practicing regularly.


What can students expect?

Students can expect development of the art of karate-do. Documenting training sessions, homework training, developing leadership skills and teamwork skills are all part of the program.

How can martial arts have a positive impact on a student’s life? 

Martial arts has a huge impact on students life IF they give it their best in class and challenge themselves. It’s more than worth the extra effort to keep training to be able to look back and see your progress. There is no shortcut or easy way. Only intensive training over months and years will give you the physical and mental confidence and awareness you want.



You are making a decision and that’s an important first step. You can either make a decision or make an excuse, hesitate, and sacrifice something that is important to you. Decisions allow you to make mistakes and improve. Decisions keep you in the present and in action mode.  It is in this space that we reach our goals.

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