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Would you like to start the New Year with a Strong Long Spine along with some lift and power in the Booty? 

❓When you awake and go to get up does the backache and creek?

❓At the end of your day does your Back SCREAM in agony? 

❓Do you feel your Booty could use a little lift?

❓Riddled daily with debilitating stress that makes it hard to focus and leaves you exhausted 

❓Longing for a lengthened decompressed spine and more umph in the bum  

Join Patti as she blasts you into the New Year with some Booty Boosting work on the Oval Bolster.

Begin with Breath and Nervous System reset movements that will prepare your mind and body. Creating release of tension points that can minimize movement.

With the body now more mobilized and the mind clear you will move into supported movements meant to stabilize + Stretch + Strengthen your Spine. Enjoy a blast of movement intended to give the ole BOOTY a boost and lift  Along with the tone of the Bum you will enjoy the strength needed to move you into your New Year with confidence and strength.

The last portion will be dedicated to stretching and relaxation movements to open tight areas of the body, create better circulation, and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized.


What's Included:

 ✅ 1.5hr Experiential Class

 ✅Small group for more individualized attention

 ✅ Nervous System cues and strategies to diminish anxiety, stress, and pain. 

If you're ready to empower your Fierce Independence join us at the Studio starting Saturday, Jan. 6th


Register soon ~ class is only open to 5

For those who already have an oval bolster grab it and bring it along. For anyone who doesn't there will be bolsters available or if you desire to have one for your home practice it can be purchased as an add on to the retreat.

** Intersted but have a few concerns?  Message Patti  **

What people are saying .....


"My body felt so relaxed! I think this may be helpful for anytime of the day! To rev up in the morning, stretch it out anytime, to relax and be calm after stressful times, and to ease into bedtime.."  ~ Michele H

"I discovered there are more ways than one to release tension. The bolster is heavy enough to use as a weight as well and can help work the upper body and core."  ~ Drake O

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