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Do you notice pain in your hips or knees when moving?

Noticing your balance just isn’t what it use to be?

Want to continue walking, hiking or even running with greater ease?

After a walk do you suffer from pain in your joints?


Want to keep up with the grandkids?

Minimize risk of hip or knee surgery or restore the body from previous surgery?

Join us in this Immersive Gait series that will having you striding with confidence and ease.

Series consists of:

30min Postural Gait Assessment (including detailed findings) 

Includes: 8 Week Immersive course material and Take home props 
Open to only 6 Individuals.

Instructor Duo: Donnie and Patti Abel

Techniques and Exercises: Increase Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Alignment and Balance through out body. Diminish pain.

Identify Common Foot Complaints (Bunions, Hammer Toes, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Falling Arches and more.…) learn strategies to unwind and rebuild.

Learn, Experience and Feel: how the feet affect the rest of the body and its movement. How they can be mechanisms of support or digression. Creating realization of how simple imbalances affect the rest of the body (ankle, leg, hips and back) and learn strategies to help prevent future injury or even unnecessary surgeries.

Leave class feeling: Energized, Empowered and Elated with new knowledge and SUPER HAPPY Feet

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