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Donnie Abel, Chief instructor, has been the head instructor of the NC Karate Club for over 30 years. He holds a 5th degree black belt (godan).


Sensei Abel has been studying traditional Shotokan karate across the country for over 39 years and has won many awards. Donnie has devoted his life to promoting and teaching karate.


He has worked with police departments, county workers, school systems and health departments.


He constantly strives to develop not only the art of karate, but the lives of students at NC Karate Club. He looks to better his students not only in technique, but in the community they live.


Donnie has been involved with bodywork his entire life: from martial arts, functional fitness, and physical rehabilition with physical therapy. He worked in the physical therapy world for over 20 years with athletes for sports training, assisting with preventative education to avoid orthopedic injuries. Donnie feels right at home whether working with an athlete, who may have a torn ligament, or a senior with osteoporosis. He completed the comprehensive teacher training in Pilates from Balanced Body. This compliments his vast experience in martial arts, physical therapy, cross-training, and overall body fitness.

Donnie's Additional Training Certificates: 

Gather: Immersive body training with Madeline Black Gather brings  together the movement theories and techniques following Madeline Black’s  book “Centered.” Explore movement through gait patterning, observation, palpation and cueing for extraordinary changes in the body. Develop a better understanding of human body movement and the eye to identify habitual patterns that affect functional health. Learn specialized techniques to change the function and structure of the body and develop clarity of approach to physical training. Understand the design of human movement in all aspects of the body, musculoskeletal, fascial, organs, fluids and more. Confirm touch and movement guidance. Improve capabilities as a movement specialist. Learn to see clients in a whole body way, addressing their needs that create change in the body immediately. The Madeline Black Method™ is a movement process that brings changes to the body for better movement, health and improved physical capacity.

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