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With the new 28 day course, we will guide you through an interactive program that will build BALANCE, increase foot MOBILITY and STRENGTH, along with identifying the causes of PAIN.


You will gain greater body awareness of how the foot works with and affects the rest of the body. How they help create better overall body balance thus giving you more CONFIDENCE in your foot's ability to remain ACTIVE and PAIN-FREE.


Here's what you receive:


  • Ability to wake up your feet's Auto-correct system to support an active lifestyle and BALANCED Movements


  • Learn techniques to remove Foot Tension and achiness creating more FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY.


  • Increase circulation and blood flow into the feet creating quick recovery and decreasing swelling. Also helping the calves and legs above


  • Diminish and possibly reverse worrisome foot issues like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches, and more.


  • Begin alleviating PAIN on day 1



~ 4 weeks with 2 Movement Specialists

     ~ plus bonus pre-week

~ Weekly content to support you:
          Enlightening Educational Anatomy 
          Detailed Video tutorials  
          Community + connection through group 

~ Once a week Zoom Live Training (minus the 2 in person weeks)

~ Q&A, Movement practice, Movement Theory, and more of your Q&A 

~ Self Assessment Tools to know the foot's needs to keep you PAIN-FREE


~ Tool-kit of props to nurture and heal the feet


~FOREVER Access to the program and all recordings


Receive 2 small group in person studio sessions 

  ~  Orientation and Training Week #1 

            Plus- Personal Functional Foot Analysis

  ~ 2nd in person session last week of series

Course begins March 15th.

 Register Here


We LOVE teaching you that you don't have to live with foot PAIN. There are ways out no matter how many things you've already tried. One you haven't yet is this... So join us and gain HAPPY PAIN-FREE feet.

You can begin learning now how to make life and body altering changes


We are so super excited about this new course it is going to allow our teaching to be so much more impactful and transformative.  There is only so much we can teach in a one-day workshop and only so much that you can digest with a fire hose of information.  The delivery of this course information and work will catapult you to transformational FOOTability. 

What people are saying....



It is very informative and you will learn very useful information to use every single day for not only the health of your feet but the entire body. 

                                      ~ C. Trawick

For almost 5 years I had heel pain in one foot and occasional pain in the heel of the other foot, which started with gardening a new and very large garden that I wasn't accustomed to. Every step for the first few that I took when first getting up in the morning felt like I was walking on glass. If I sat for any period of time during the day and then got up, those first few steps were also painful. No amount of stretching, yoga, walking, or soaking helped relieve the pain, though it dissipated a bit during the winter, and so much the second winter with daily Epsom salts foot baths that I thought I was recovering. But it came right back as soon as I started bending over so much in the garden again in the warm season. I wore arch supports inside shoes at all times, even in the house, when a doctor told me I should to counteract falling arches related to my age. That didn't help. I attended Patti's foot workshop hoping to learn something that could help me with the foot pain. She taught me how to work from my toes to the top of my hamstrings to release tension using heat, a filled cloth bag, and various sized and textured balls. She also encouraged me to go barefoot as much as I could. I quit using arch support insoles and started going without shoes in the house. I worked on my feet the way she taught me and started Pilates and release work with Patti. My foot pain, which I always attributed to heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, improved within a few weeks and completely went away within 2 months of using my favorite spiky ball to work my feet and another to release tension in my legs. I continued with Pilates and walked one to two miles every day during the time I continued working on my feet, which took me back into the cold season when I wasn't working outside as much. Now, well into the new growing season and daily garden and yard work, my foot pain is still completely gone. 

                           ~ Ingrid G. 

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