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Movement Immersion Mentorship

How balanced is your body? 


Can it support you for the long haul?  

Do you move through your day wishing pain away?  

Are you concerned with the possibility of falling?  

Have you had injury or surgery and never fully recovered?  

Do you suffer from spinal misalignments that leave you feeling twisted?  

After having baby does your back hurt, core feel week and possibly left with a little incontinences? 

If you can answer YES to any of these then our Immersion program is calling your name.  

Rock Balancing

One of our greatest honors is partnering with individuals seeking that extra guidance and support to take their bodies back. 

To create more flexibility and strength to feel confident in their daily movements. 


Seeking to diminish or rid the body of constant pain and fatigue.  


Restoring the body after and injury or surgery to prevent future occurrences. 

Correcting imbalances in the body and building full body strength and resilience to prevent injury or surgeries. 

To take your physical body to optimal performance but also the mind. 

Learning how the mind and emotions can affect ones physical wellness. 

Learning to remove toxic thought patterns to regain power over optimal movement. 

To be resilient, strong and mobile aging with grace and vitality

If you're ready to take control of your movement we would love to partner with you through our Movement Immersion Mentorship.  

** Due to the amount of time we put into this program and each individual in it we only open up 2 spots every 3 months.  The next mentoring begins in April so if you're ready to take back your movement we would love to be a part of your journey.  

Program Details

12 Weeks

Week 1:  

1 - 90min Assessment, Goal Setting and movement session

2- 50 min Private Movement sessions

1- 30 min Nervous System Integration Session (NSI)

Weeks 2-8

2- 50 min Private sessions per week

1 - 30 min NSI Session

1-  re-evaluation graduation

Total Investment $2,325 

 (payment plan and Cash options available)


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) valued $50/month

Toolbox of props for home practice valued over $75

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