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About Karate Orientation 

Has your child expressed an interest in karate?

Are you looking for activity your kids, teens, AND adults can enjoy? 


Want something that teaches focus and dedication while kick, jumping, and punching? 


Check out Shotokan Karate at Abel Wellness. Our beginners class is every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 pm. New students begin with an orientation session and then jump right into class. A Karate Intro Package includes karate orientation, 3 months of classes (2 times a week) and an uniform for $275. Our Intro package has been designed to give kids the perfect amount of time to decide if karate is right for them before making a long term commitment.  


The class will be held at Abel Wellness Studio, 110 Macon Center Drive, Franklin NC 28734 and is up to ages 6 and above.   

About Abel Wellness

Abel Wellness is a 3 person team that specializes in healthy, long term, pain free movement.  We incorporate thousands of hours of education to bring you the best in exercise science. Some techniques we use include Pilates, Movement Education, Martial Arts, Restorative Movement, trigger point release techniques, essential oils, mediation, and breathing techniques.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I am Donnie Abel,


I am the Chief Instructor of the NC Karate Club for 30 years.  I hold a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. 

I have been studying Shotokan karate-do across the country for over 30 years and have devoted my life to promoting and teaching karate. I have also trained in varying styles of Martial Arts including Jiu-Jitsu, Tai-Chi, Judo, Aikido, American Kempo and more...

Along with Martial Arts, I am the founder of Martial Arts Intelligence a cross training,  injury recovery and prevention program for Martial Artists.


I have been involved with bodywork my entire life. I worked in the physical therapy world for over 20 years with athletes for sports training, assisting with preventative education to avoid orthopedic injuries. Upon leaving the PT world I trained as a Pilates, and Movement Educator where I work with individuals helping them to correct imbalances in their bodies, improving their bio-mechanics. I also work with Athletes and other Martial Artists to improve their sport, recover from injury and prevent future injuries by correcting habitual movement patterns.

I'm still a little hesitant and have some questions

We get it. You or your child won't know if karate is a good fit until you try it. You are welcome to come watch a class for free at any time. We recommend watching a beginners class on Tuesday or Thursday at 4:30 to get the best idea. Pay attention to the types of movements done in class. If it looks like something you would love learning.  Awesome!! Follow the link below and we'll see you in the next orientation class. 

We want to join karate class!

110 Macon Center Drive

Franklin NC, 28734


633 Highway 441 S 
Clayton, Georgia


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