Martial Arts Intelligence

Martial artists: intelligently prevent Injury, workout, and increase flexibility and strength with MAI created by Donnie Abel. 


With the Martial Arts Intelligence programs and courses change the way you train to change the results you see. Taje courses on:


Injury Prevention: prevent the most commonly seen injuries in the martial arts world with effective warm-ups and targeted techniques to protect wrists, knees, hips, and the whole body. 

Workouts: change the way you train with effective, efficient workouts that increase both strength and flexibility. 

Release and Mobility: Relax tight overworked muscles to keep kicks, punches and blocks fluid. Release and mobility techniques turn painful restricted movements into effortless motions. 

Strategies and Tips: round out your training with a variety of techniques that martial artists often miss such as grounding, warming up, and foot work.  

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