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Movement for Emotional Wellbeing

Our emotions are key in our overall health and wellness.  When we support ourselves emotionally we can boost our immune, nervous, muscular, skeletal and all systems of the body.  But we can also support our emotions through healthful movement and release techniques that assist us in letting go of physical and emotional holds.  

When we move we unlock pathways to release stress, feel joyful, relieve pain and boost our overall health.  Lets journey together to unlock our bodies natural healing through movement, mindfulness and aromatherapy.  

Partner with a small online community to begin moving your body to better health and wellness. 

Movement for Emotional Wellbeing will include:

  • We will launch with a 1 day Live presentation on how emotions effect our bodies especially in hindering our ability to move and heal ourselves. 

  • The history and use of aromatherapy to assist our emotional wellbeing. 

  • Learn more about the nervous system and how movement, breathing, awareness and aromatherapy can help us feel less stress, calm ourselves when life gets a little crazy and become aware of how our emotions can hinder our movement and create tension points which can lead to pain, body misalignments, fatigue and when left unchecked surgeries or illness. 

  • Overview of 3 short movement routines for Morning, Midday and Evening to boost your emotional and physical wellness.  (this will be recorded for anyone unable to join live and to review back to)

  • The 3 movement practices recorded separately for ease of following at home

  • 2 weekly live (and recorded) movement routines and check-ins for 3 weeks (6 total)

  • Online community to help encourage and support each other

  • Needed props and essential oils

  • 90 days access to all material  to encourage new healthful habits

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