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Movement Mastery Series

Coming April 2022

Increase your Body IQ

Learn a greater understanding of how your body moves and functions, the connectivity of the muscles and tissue throughout the body and how one misalignment, imbalance can affect the whole. 

Experience techniques and movement that will help you become more aware on a daily basis, begin to unwind imbalances and create better flexibility, mobility and strength for the whole body. 

We'll be taking an area by area approach, breaking down areas of the body and expanding from each. Exploring how each are connects with each other and the whole body.  How they affects the rest of the body, where there are restrictions and ways to release allowing more ease of movement and the ability to begin unwinding imbalances and strengthening.   


Toolbox:  The use of props and essential oils will be integrated into the work to assist the experience.  These are all part of your toolbox you will receive with the series.  

Session 1: Breath 

Session 2: Feet & Lower leg  

Session 3: Hips, Pelvis & Upper leg 

Session 4: Spine, Neck & Shoulders 

Session 5: Hand, Wrist & Arm 

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