Online Course Offerings

Intelligent Mover Bundle

If you really want to boost your movement get access to all 3 courses. With the Intelligent Mover Bundle all 365 days are covered with routines for morning, evening, at home, on vacation, pre and post activity.  

AM/PM Pilates Workout Routines

Start and end the day with movement. This course has videos on waking up morning routines and winding down evening routines. Choose this course if you want to start a daily movement practice. 

Home and Go Course

Love to travel? This course is perfect for learning routines that can be used at home and on vacation. Enjoy videos with moves that can easily be done in a living room or hotel room when you don't have your usual equipment.  

Out and About Course

Super active? This course will give you pre and post workout release and stretch routines. Choose this course if you are a frequent walker, runner, hiker, or movement lover. 

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