You can get a great workout at home with private online sessions with Patti

You CAN get a great workout at home. If you find it challenging to fit a session in your busy schedule virtual sessions are perfect for you. No special equipment needed. We can do Pilates on the mat or a reformer session if you have one at home. 



Private online sessions:


   eliminate the need to hire a sitter



    reduce your drive time to 0



    keep your momentum going when traveling



   help build your online video library of workouts    

How can I get started?

Begin your transformation with a 90 min session. We will go over your basic health history so Patti can pin point areas to focus on so you see the fastest results possible. You will then go into some movement and experience what Pilates is all about.  You will walk away with a plan to reach all of your health and wellness goals. 

First begin with a 90 min initial consultation, then purchase session packages. The key to getting the results you want is consistency. 

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