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Finding Balance Part 2 ~ Posture

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Our exploration on finding balance in our bodies continues with Postural alignment. A good way to look at this is our bodies can not function correctly or to their full potential if there is a kink in the hose. Anywhere we are out of alignment in our bodies it is going to create imbalances that may present themselves with injury, pain, stagnation, illness, disease, stiffness or even surgery or inability to move over time.

How we stand and sit throughout our day makes a difference. The first thing to do is become aware. Some of the things you can begin to notice:

~ Are you standing with equal weight on both feet?

~ Do you have a tendency to shift your weight into one hip when standing or sitting?

~ When you stand or sit do you do so with a neutral pelvis?

~ Do your shoulders slump forward?

~ Does the head shear forward?

These are just a few of the common things to look at first. And most of these can be attributed to our daily habits and lifestyle. Especially if we have a job we are bent forward with all day, sitting with our legs crossed or if we are spending lots of time looking down at one of our many electronic devices throughout the day.

So a start in correcting posture is as simple as an awareness. Noticing when we are slouching to right ourselves and sit or stand tall. When on an electronic device trying to get it more straight out in front of the face instead of looking down. Sitting with equal weight on both sit bones, along with actually being on top of the sit bones versus tipping the pelvis back as if we are sitting on our back pockets. This one can wreak lots of havoc in the body including the hips, back, abdomen, legs along with our digestion, breathing and blood flow.

Beyond awareness we can begin to unwind, remove tensioning points, stretch tight areas, strengthen weaker which will begin the process of correcting the imbalances leading to better postural alignment. This all helps us look better, feel better and age with Grace and Ease.

Enjoy this short little video for a simple shoulder release with foam roller. Have questions on other techniques message us or schedule a private session to target the imbalances and get a plan of action for home practice.

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