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Foot IQ Thoughts to Ponder - Heredity

Just because a parent or grandparent had a foot issue doesn't dictate we will also. It isn't the issue that is inherited but the habits or imbalances. Did you know that we learn to move from watching those around us? That our walking accent (pattern) is similar to our speaking accent? So if we were primary around mom during our development years we will take up walking and movement similar to mom if we don't make strides to move differently.

We learn a lot about our movement through observation. As we grow older that can be from activities we participate in which can further cause imbalances. We can also take on movement pattern through mimicking those whom we admire and desire to be more like.

Take a little time and either observe your parent and your movement and see if there are similarities or if you are a parent maybe see if yours and your childs movement is similar? Think of people you most admire and notice if you have taken on any of their movement characteristics. Or maybe if you were or are a dancer or athlete that had certain foot leg positions are these positions still with you in your daily movement?

The good news is that we can begin making positive changes to our foot health at any age with some specific exercises and habit changes.

Ready to begin the process of unwinding and rebalancing your feet for better foot health and structural balance? Join us in our upcoming Foot IQ Clinics

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