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How our words can Shape our bodies ~ Part 1

Have you ever paused to ponder how words with the same or similar meaning can elicit totally different results? Or how our words can affect our personal outcomes along with the outcomes of feelings of others. Let's take a moment to experiment with how a word may feel in our bodies. ways we say things whether spoken out loud or in our minds can offer different outcomes.

Let's just take it from a movement or body perspective and let's use the word Slow for example: When you think about or speak out loud the word "SLOW" how does it make your body feel?

For myself, I can feel a little more weighted, heavy, etc.. not that these are negative feelings but for some, it might be or maybe even a feeling of lethargy. I am using slow also because I had someone say to be that moving SLOW made them feel old. Which sent me on a course of finding other word options to use that would facilitate a different feeling and thus more positive outcome.

So lets try some of the others on for size (measure, weight, relativeness )

In place of SLOW what if you use: Deliberate? Intentional? Purposeful?

or any of the words in the graphic? Do they facilitate a different feeling in the body? a different reaction?

Our words can carry a lot of weight and meaning. They can bring about positive emotions, feelings, and outcomes or negative ones.

As one of my mentors would say in training "Speak kindly to your body your cells are listening", which was when I probably first really began more consideration on how our words can shape us and others.

After playing with these different word options I would love to hear the various outcomes you FELT in your body. Which word choice did you feel brought about the most positive outcome and felt sense in the body?

What is one word you can think of that triggers a negative felt sense?

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