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Optimizing our Wellness Part 1 ~ Mindful Morning Movement

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are you beginning your day in a way that optimizes your health? What we do upon waking up has a major bearing over how the rest of our day goes and also our overall health and wellbeing. Join us over the coming months as we share tips that will help optimize your overall wellness.

Lets get started

Just Breath take time to fully inflate lungs and release all air. This is when I like to work with a equal exhale to inhale. For example think of inhaling for count of 4-5 pause at the top of the breath then exhale for same. During this breath time I like to notice any areas that seem tight, sticky and resistant to the breath and after any morning stretches I would recheck. If some areas are still sticky you may want to do some targeted release work to facilitate happier tissue. Since in the morning I like to also visualize the morning sun brightening and warming the body with each breath many times just the thought of the rays of sun you will feel greater expansion of breath.

Move your body begins warming and hydrating the muscles and connective tissue. Many of us have been still in a position all night, so it is important to begin awakening and warming up the body before we jump up and hit the floor. Movement will also help our body systems like our digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system.

Aromatherapy the use of therapeutic grade essential oils inhaled is said to activate nerve cells in the nose which sends impulses to the limbic system of the brain which is the part that effects emotion and memory. Morning use of essential oils can invigorate and awaken our emotional body and mind along with physically awakening our immune, digestive and nervous system. One of my favorite for awakening my breath is peppermint but for really firing up my brain I love Cedarwood.

Water drinking a glass upon waking is very beneficial. Think about it we are made up of over 50% water and we have just awoke after hopefully a minimum of 7-8hours of sleep so our bodies are going to be dehydrated. Getting that first glass of water in the morning will get our digestive juices moving flushing out toxins and stimulating bowel movement. Gives our metabolism a jumpstart along with balancing our immune system. And, since our brain is about 70% water staying hydrated helps fuel brain activity.

During this time of year you might do some warm water with fresh squeezed lemon and a little local honey which is also great for the digestive and immune systems. Another things we like to do is in room temp water add a pinch of sea salt and drop of lemon vitality essential oil. The sea salt helps to remineralize our system (we'll talk further about this in future) and lemon vitality essential oil gives a wonderful taste along with, having antioxidant properties, supports healthy immune system, along with cleansing properties and circulatory support.

Sunlight first thing in the morning helps our circadian rhythms to release hormones at just the right time this includes melatonin which gives us a better night sleep. Morning sunlight signals our bodies to the time of day which in turns assures us better sleep at night. Early morning sunlight is also when we can produce the most beneficial Vitamin D. That along with it signaling our hormones, creating melatonin and serotonin aids in increasing our energy and reduce anxiety. Did you also know that the early morning rays are the safest and can give you a boost for natural sun protection the rest of the day along with increased eye health. So what are you waiting for? grab that morning class of water and lets go outside and soak up the early morning rays.

Roll out feet (checkout video here) or if warm enough walk around outside barefoot is best especially while dew is still on the grass. The dampness of the ground increases the conductivity of energy from the earth. Many feel a increase in energy after 15 minutes of going barefoot onto the ground. And when we are able to walk or move our

feet around this also touches into major acupuncture points which bring benefits into other areas and systems of the body. One of my favorite books on this subject is Earthing check it out if you would like to dive deeper into this subject. I can tell you currently I am not doing this as a morning routine. If you want to find a similar effect getting into the acupressure points then grab your spiky massage ball or throw some smooth river rock out on a mat and move around on them, you will notice an immediate change in your feet and if you really pay attention the rest of the body.

Remember as always start small don't try to implement all of these at once. Pick one and when it becomes routine and it will as you notice the difference it makes, then pick another. Your body and mind will thank you for taking this time to support and love on yourself.

Love and Blessings,


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