Feet and Wellness

Updated: Jan 10

The amazing but much neglected feet is intricately connected to all the rest of our body parts and functions. Are you aware of proprioception? The bodies ability to sense it's position and where it is moving in space. But how does it do that? Through nerve endings called proprioceptors which are found in our skin, muscles and connective tissue (fascia). These proprioceptors are super important in helping us with coordination, balance, posture, body awareness and self regulation. Did you know our feet alone have 7000 proprioceptors? So our feet's ability to give us feedback must be pretty important. These proprioceptors connect into our fascia (connective tissue), ligaments and muscles sending information to the brain.

What about reflexology?

It is is based on the idea that every part of the body including our body systems and organs have points on our feet. These points known as reflexes can have a stimulating effect when applying pressure or massage. This effect is thought to promote possible self-healing process in the body. Give yourself a foot massage and notice the terrain of the feet, especially taking note of any areas that feel tense, tight and tender. Take some extra time in those areas to apply soft pressure. Afterwards and during notice if you feel any changes in your foot or other areas of the body.