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Hi I'm Rylie!

I love horses. They have a personality that's why I love them. Since I was little that's what I loved. Horses are special to me because I can ride them and take care of them. I know it takes a lot of work but I know in my heart I can take care of them. Horses are special because they are strong, if they don't have food, you can feed them. If I had a horse I would keep it and love it forever. Josie, Static, and Levi are my best horses. Levi is gone, he got sold because he was not ready for beginners. Now they have a horse named Lacey and I can canter on her. I can canter on Josie. I am going to canter on Static one day. One day I am going to gallop on Josie and Lacey. My teacher's name for horseback riding is Kristin Smith. She is very special to me because she helps me with a lot of things that I don't know yet.


I also like ballet and Classical Conversations.

I'm going to miss my friends but for the whole year I am going to spend time with them in the summer. One day I am going to teach kids yoga at Abel Wellness. And that's me! 

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