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How would it feel to have the Flexibility of a Cat?


Are you noticing  ease and mobility


Easing the aches and pains felt in the BACK…. NECK…. HIPS


Your Body flows with ENERGY from the increased mobility


Able to MOVE through your day AGILE unencumbered Flexibility


So flexible that nothing hinders your alert mind to every movement and change in Environment.  Adapting and adjusting to changing environments with efficiency and ease. 


In this series we’ll intentionally mobilize you through: 


Muscle release and stretches, so you can move through your day with Grace and Ease, ready to face any obstacle that tries to rob you of your JOY and INDEPENDENCE


 GIVING you the AGILITY and CONFIDENCE, to never stop ENJOYing your FAV activities,  by using our  specific combination of breath, release, stretching and relaxation techniques


Learn Strategies to create a more flexible mobile body,  so you can enjoy the Activities you Love regardless of age.


What is Included:

1 - 50min Tension Area Assessment w/ Stretch and Release

3 - 45min Stretch and Release Sessions

Short doable targeted movements for home practice

Massage ball for tension release

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