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About the Tween Pilates Class

Your tween will enjoy learning exercises for the whole body using the principles of Pilates in a group class setting just for them. This beginners class has been customized for the needs of 9-12 year olds and will include exercises to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, alignment and body awareness. 


Students that slouch over a tablet, laptop, or desk will gain better posture, spine health, and core strength.


Students that are athletic will find they are more flexible and less likely to experience injury and over training.  

The class will be held at Abel Wellness Studio, 110 Macon Center Drive in Franklin NC 28734. This 6 week series is scheduled for 3:30 pm on Thursday's starting March 21st. 

About Abel Wellness Studio

Abel Wellness is a 3 person team that specializes in healthy, long term, pain free movement.  We incorporate thousands of hours of education to bring you the best in exercise science. Some techniques we use include Pilates, Movement Education, Martial Arts, AFT, release work, trigger point work, essential oils, vita flex, Zyto body balance scans, mediation, and breathing techniques.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi I'm Patti Abel! 


I'm a mom of a tween and a native of Franklin, North Carolina. I have extensive training in Pilates and Movement Education and have a watchful eye that can quickly spot weakness, misalignment and imbalance in the body. I can help your 9-12 year old correct these things so the entire body functions optimally as a whole. I have worked extensively with individuals after back, neck, hip, knee and even brain surgery and am ready to support you on your path to a balanced and energized life. 

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Wait! I want to do Pilates too!

Adults and students aged 13 and above are welcome to join a Pilates series just for them. Our Pilates Sampler will be the same time and date as the Tween class AND you receive a discount for signing up for both classes. 

110 Macon Center Drive

Franklin NC, 28734


633 Highway 441 S 
Clayton, Georgia


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