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What people are saying....

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“My blood pressure is excellent, my cholesterol is down, my bone density is normal, and I am the same height I was in my teens.”

— Kathie 75yr old


“I have tried multiple styles of systems but have achieved greater results in less time. I attribute the results to both the system of Pilates and the teacher..”

— Lindsey

My name is Gail Osborne and I have been a client of Abel Wellness for thirteen years, attending classes two or three times per week. Thanks to Patti and Donnie, I am the exact same weight and height that I was when I started. I am 80 years old and am in excellent health. I take no medications and have all my original parts. My strength and flexibility allows me to maintain my house and 2 and ½ acres of land with no outside assistance.

I credit Patti and Donnie with all of the above. Not only are they wonderful teachers, they are wonderful people. I consider them to be my friends. When my husband became ill and subsequently passed away, I came to depend on them for support. They were always encouraging and my Pilate classes became my haven for physical and mental health.

This is not a place where you go for a few classes and then quit, the encouragement they give you and skills that they teach, keep you coming back. If you are looking to increase flexibility and strength and have your whole wellbeing cared for, you could not do better than Patti and Donnie at Abel Wellness.

I cannot say enough about Abel Wellness and how much Patti and Donnie have helped me.

First of all, Monday is my favorite day because that is Pilates day!

My Pilates experience with them the last several years has centered me, in body and mind. I am stronger, longer(haha), leaner and stay aligned. I used to have back pain. Now with a strong core, I can do pretty much what I want to do at age 60 and enjoy my life fully. If I overdo it, they fix me!!

They are so very intentional and informed in their instruction and that has helped me to become more aware of my own body and listen to it.

— Diane

“Donnie and Patti always takes into consideration our individual capabilities. Listens to our concerns. Personal attention. Treats us like friends, not just clients..”


Reformer Pilates

“I know that pilates starting one month after giving birth and and then the individual sessions have played a significant role in my mental, physical, and emotional health during this post pregnancy season. More awareness, less pain, and motivation to continue growing and learning in my new body. you.”


“A great toe callus has significantly reduced.

My walking motion has improved and I now have less compensated pressure on the great toe of my foot.”

“I learned to show love to my body; to pay attention to stretching and engaging from head to toe. I like the oil enhancement, and I think my body loves it too!”

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