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Meet Donnie...

Donnie has been involved with bodywork his entire life: from martial arts, functional fitness, and physical rehabilitation with physical therapy.  He holds a 5th degree black belt (godan) and is the head instructor of the Adaptive Karate Academy.  Donnie worked in the physical therapy world for over 20 years with athletes for sports training, assisting with preventative education to avoid orthopedic injuries. Donnie feels right at home whether working with a Shotokan martial artist or a MMA fighter. He completed the comprehensive teacher training in Pilates from Balanced Body. This compliments his vast experience in martial arts, physical therapy, cross-training, and overall body fitness.

Image by Thao LEE

Adaptive Karate 

Learn Foundational elements of Karate while experiencing their practicality to everyday life by:

  • Developing Stamina

  • Boosting cardiovascular health

  • Enhance Focus

  • Increase Mobility, Flexibility and Strength

  • Build Balance and Spatial Awareness gaining a greater sense of the body movements

  • Enhance cognition/memory and improve coordination

Self Defence Training

Self Protection

Our self-protection classes are designed to prepare you for any scenario. It is crucial to be able to defend ourselves and others in challenging situations. Consistent training is key to being ready to react swiftly with the skills we have honed, rather than freezing up while trying to recall what to do.

  • Enhance your awareness of potential threats by scanning your surroundings. Be prepared to defend yourself or evade attacks when needed.

  • Tactics for utilizing your surroundings to control your assailant, generating barriers with your movements to surprise and disorient them, allowing you to reach safety.

  • Utilize your body weight and movement direction to gain advantages in close-quarter situations, facilitating a swift escape.

  • Develop the required strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health to mobilize swiftly, implement essential strategies, and escape when needed.

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Martial Art Intelligence

Holistic program that helps the martial artist become well rounded in their body, addressing issues that could use some maintenance. Cross training is a must for martial artists and finding different ways or tools for your tool box should always be refreshing. 

  • Targeted strength work to build muscle and keep ones body healthy

  • Proper Biomechanics (how to avoid imbalances that lead to injury)

  • Release Techniques (relax overworked muscles)

  • Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • Stretching and Warm-Ups (lengthen tight restricted tissue)

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