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What (and who) is Abel Wellness?

Abel Wellness is a private movement studio located in Franklin North Carolina. We offer in person private sessions, classes, and online content. We specialize in healthy pain free movement and Pilates inspired movment.  Abel Wellness consists of Donnie and Patti Abel, a husband and wife team, passionate about supporting people on their journey to a balanced and energized life. 

Why do people come to Abel Wellness?

People come to us for a variety of reasons but they all have one thing in common: they want to feel better now, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our clients are ready to see positive changes in their lives on all levels especially in their physical health and body. They want to move with ease and find relief from restrictions, pain, and low energy. 


Some clients come to us for group Pilates (movement) classes.

Some come to us after back, hip, knee, or foot surgery for restorative care after physical therapy. 

Some clients are in wheelchairs and want to maintain (or gain) as much movement as possible. 

Some come to us as athletes or martial artists to intelligently train and gain an edge. 

Others like working out at home with the Abel Wellness or Martial Arts Intelligence App.


No matter what your goal, we are here to support you.   

How can Abel Wellness help me? What are the benefits? 


Patti and Donnie will use their years of experience to teach you the movements, exercises, tools, and techniques to achieve your health and wellness goals. You will see and feel noticeable changes in your body, mood, weight, and energy levels.     






How is Abel Wellness different from a gym, physical therapy office, or yoga studio?

Because we are passionate about seeing you succeed, the Abel team will be with you every step of the way. We have chosen . The health, safety, and goals of our clients will always be our number 1 priority. The foundation of our technique comes from Joseph Pilates but we are not limited to one style of body work. We incorporate our 1000's of hours of education to bring you the best in exercise science. Some techniques we use include Pilates, Movement Education, Martial Arts, release work, trigger point work, essential oils, vita flex, Zyto body balance scans, mediation, and breathing techniques.     


What should I expect my first time? 


All new clients start with a one-on-one session with Patti or Donnie. This will give you plenty of time to communicate about where you are currently, where you want to be, and what's getting in the way. We will then form a plan and get started on some solutions. Turning our health around can be an overwhelming and daunting task but Abel Wellness will help you break down your goals into manageable steps so you start seeing results in as little as one session. If you come prepared to do the work necessary to achieve results you will be guaranteed to reap the rewards.   

What does it take to achieve my goals and be successful?

The number one thing you need in order to enjoy abundant health is the BELIEF that you can reach your goal. You may not know HOW (that's where Abel Wellness comes in) but you must first start with the belief that you are worthy and capable achieving the body and health you desire.  


How can I get started?


You already have! Just by reading this page you have begun your journey. You may not know exactly what you need to do or how to get to your version of great health, you just need to be open to change and a willingness to go on the journey. 

When you are ready, call or email the studio to schedule your 90 min consultation. We are looking forward to supporting you! 

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