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Patti will guide you, the self-reliant active go-getter, through an enlivening and immersive program that diminishes stress,  boosts energy, generates abundant strength and releases tight stiff muscles to increase your mobility and diminish your aches and pains so that you expand your fierce independence in your daily activities and active (get-going)  lifestyle. 

Through exploring movements, nervous system integration and sprinkling in aromatics you will empower yourself with assessment tools that will bring on a greater sense of awareness skyrocketing you to immense transformation in the body.  You will embody movement practices and theory that will further expand your tool box for building optimal strength and balance. 

You will Cultivate a Super INTELLIGENT  body and mind able to strategize and autocorrect through the obstacles of daily living AND navigate all the years of your life to come. Even if you feel you are beyond the age of making lasting changes 

What this course includes: 
✅Online Program through Kajabi

✅Foundational Movement to teach you correct form and positioning for optimal results sprinkled with Enlightening Educational Anatomy prompts to understand how the body functions

✅Collection of Pilates Inspired Movement classes to help you Build  strong mobile body  from the Feet to the Crown of the head

✅Movement practices to diminish Pain causing tension while giving you greater confidence in accomplishing your daily tasks

✅Community + connection through group interaction 

✅Once a week Zoom Live Class (45min)  (second class coming soon)

  • Begin with Q&A (Early login to class for pre class questions)

  • Movement practice (integrating a mix of restorative body release techniques, stretches for flexibility and mobility followed by core and body strengthening)

  • End weekly exploration prompt

  • Communicate with students via automated email

✅Once a month  Zoom Live Nervous System Integrated Regulation session (30min) 
30min session for home practice giving you the tools and strategies to pull from your tool box in supporting you in a calm neutral state out of a stressful depleting state. 

 ✅Self Assessment Tools to become more aware of the body's daily needs to identify what needs the most attention each day. 
This Course is for you if:
✔️You are open and committed to doing the work necessary to make lasting positive movement changes to the body.  
✔️You have concerns and fears about your bodies ability to balance and protect from fall possibilities
✔️You are tired of being a STRESS ball
✔️If you desire to age with Grace, Ease and be Fiercely INDEPENDENT
✔️You feel you’ve tried everything and found NO life altering solutions
✔️You LOVE essential oils or curious about how to use them to support your movement
✔️If you desire to be in community with others seeking Fierce Independence

This Course is not for you if: 
❌You are not willing to remove negative thoughts (stories) that hold you back
❌You are not committed to learning new better ways of moving
❌You feel the only way to exercise is going Fast and Hard
❌You feel there is NO hope and it is a LOST cause

What people are saying .....


"My greatest takeaways from this program was the importance of our breath and feet.  I was surprised how important our feet are to our foundation and how a healthy foundation is vital to our over-all health. My Doctor was very pleased with my agility and weight maintenance.  
I feel this program was very informative and applicable for a lifetime.  Patti is great at addressing each individuals questions and issues."  ~ Cindy T

"I was needing a program that could help strengthen my body and help my arthritis to be managed without lots of pain in addition to give me techniques to help my muscles relax. Abel Wellness has gone above and beyond to meet my needs." 

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