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Is your body talking to you or maybe even screaming for some attention?  What’s it asking for? What is it warning you about? 

❓When you awake and go to get up does the backache and creek?

❓When you go to stand from sitting do multiple areas scream? the aching back, cracking knees and ouchy feet?

❓Has your posture gone DOWN Hill? Stopping you from looking at yourself in the mirror

❓The idea of getting on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids set you into internal panic or deep despair. Longing to be as flexible and nimble as you once were to enjoy that playtime

❓Longing for strong arms able to lift the groceries out of the car.

❓Riddled daily with debilitating stress that makes it hard to focus and leaves you exhausted 

❓Feel you're too Old.  

Join me for Pilates Journey to Wellness (plus reformer). For 8 weeks you will entrench yourself in learning the foundational Pilates movements and integrating them with elements of overall wellness.

Utilizing the 6 Pilates principles of breath, concentration, control, centering, flow, and precision. You will discover how they not only connect with the Pilates movements, but how they move with you through everyday life. Bringing a greater awareness of your body and the things that do not benefit you and can cause injury and illness. Along with those that bring you great benefits creating strength and ease of movement and clarity of mind, putting you above the wellness line. 

We will learn foundational functional movements then move it to the Pilates Reformer to understand and feel how each fundamental can be used in numerous ways including your daily active life.  You will be shown ways to move that are safe and effective.  

What's Included:

 ✅ 8 Weeks (2 sessions a week) in person small group classes (Value $560)

 ✅ Take home tool kit of props and journal ($50 value)

 ✅ 3 months Access to Fiercely Independent Movement Collective (Value $75 monthly)

 ✅ Orientation Session to enhance and jumpstart your success

 ✅ Nervous System cues and strategies to diminish anxiety, stress, and pain. 

If you're ready to empower your Fierce Independence join us at the Studio starting Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am

Register soon ~ class is only open to 4

Join other individuals as you journey together along a path of moving vitality.

A wonderful gift to yourself for the holidays and the new year.

The content will support you through the holidays giving you strategies for managing Chaos. So not to add anything to your holiday responsibilities and joy we will take off the week Christmas so you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

If you find yourself in need of some movement, muscle release or nervous system reset you have the online access of the Movement Collective 

We'll then start back January 2nd to Kick Start 2024 

** Intersted but have a few concerns?  Message Patti  **

What people are saying .....


"My greatest takeaways from this program was the importance of our breath and feet.  I was surprised how important our feet are to our foundation and how a healthy foundation is vital to our over-all health. My Doctor was very pleased with my agility and weight maintenance.  
I feel this program was very informative and applicable for a lifetime.  Patti is great at addressing each individuals questions and issues."  ~ Cindy T

"I was needing a program that could help strengthen my body and help my arthritis to be managed without lots of pain in addition to give me techniques to help my muscles relax. Abel Wellness has gone above and beyond to meet my needs." 

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