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Deep Release and Nurture

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Do you find you can't find a comfortable position to sit because your hip or back hurt so badly? or Does the chaos of your day have you tied in knots? or maybe You Feel like you're carrying the crushing weight of the world literally on your shoulders? or possibly At the end of the day are you too exhausted to even think about cooking dinner or enjoying time with the family? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join Patti as she takes you through an at-home practice utilizing the Aroma Sensory Ball and self-care techniques. This will quickly become one of your favorite ways to show yourself some love daily. Begin utilizing the Aroma Sensory ball with some Breath and Nervous System reset movements that will begin unwinding the tangle of knots in the body along with the web of brain fog. You will begin to notice a clearing of the mind and relaxation of the body You will then move into stretching the stress from the body while using the Aroma Sensory ball to release the pain and tension-causing knots. Awakening the body and brain, creating more clarity of thought, increasing circulation, and giving you a true feeling of relaxation and revitalization. As part of this course, you receive 2 routines of movements and strategies to help you move into a more relaxed body and mind state. Course Includes: Aroma Sensory Ball ($25 value) Patti's special Relax Essential Oil Roll-on

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