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Bolster At Home Retreat


This course was originally created with 3 Strategically Scheduled Sessions to boost our Holiday Spirit (But can literally be used any time of year to rejuvenate and boost your spirits) With this mini-retreat, you will cruise through your days ~ weeks ~ months of any season with Ease and Excitement 3 Sessions that will support you through the daily grind and give you the Jumpstart needed in those stressful times. 5 additional Pre-recorded at Home Routines to give you variety picking from Stretch + Strengthen or Relax + Release to Strengthen + Energize along with a few when you are short on time, but need that extra boost to Rebound with Flexibility or Chill out and Rest. I'll teach you my specific breath and nervous system techniques so that you can FREE yourself of the paralyzing physical and mental exhaustion, that robs you of your JOY, so you can EASE Irritability along with Diminishing PAIN from Body Tension + Tightness Where to get your Bolster: Local Pick-UP at Abel Wellness purchase here: Shipment to you purchase here: (Use discount code Patti10 for 10%off)

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