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Welcome to Abel Wellness

We are happy you are here!

Here is a through step by step guide to getting started on your health and wellness journey and becoming a member of the Abel Wellness community. 

1. ALL new clients (restorative care, one-on-one, group class students) will start with a 90 min movement consultation and private session. You can schedule this right from our website. 

Please Note: If you are interested in group classes you will still need to start with a 90 min private session. Your private sessions will be focused on learning to safely and effectively work on the Pilates equipment. If you schedule a class before attending a new client session the reservation will be canceled. 

2. To book your first appointment click on NEW Client Sessions.


You also have the option of saving with a Introductory Package. To choose this option scroll down to Packages and Subscriptions and click New Client Introductory Package. The steps will be in a slightly different order but the rest of this information will still apply if you choose this option.   

3. Click on the appointment Movement Consult. 

4. Choose which instructor you prefer to work with (both are awesome!)

5. A calendar will pop up for you to choose from the available times and days. Pick which ever one works for you and click continue. 

6. Fill in your first name, last name, phone number, and email for confirmations. 

7. Take 5-10 min to read our studio policies, waiver, and fill out the health history and intake form. This will help us form a plan for you, keep you safe and feeling good, and help you meet your goals. By booking appointments with us you are agreeing to these policies. The software won't let you move on until all the required questions are answered.


8.  Once the form is completed, click pay now. Fill in your billing information. 

9. Once complete, click Pay & Confirm.


10. And that's it! Watch for a welcome email for us and please feel free to call or email us with any questions you have. We look forward to working with you!  

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