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How AWARE are we of our daily movements and how they are shaping us?

How do we begin to facilitate change, if we are not AWARE of how our bodies feel when balanced and how they feel when out of balance?

When we sit our hip and low back keep trying to messenger us through pain or tension sensation. Telling us that we are sitting with our legs crossed one way for too long creating an imbalance in our hips, pelvis, and spine. Then we begin down the entire rabbit trail trying to decipher and symptom manage our pain. When if we step back the most basic strategy to begin to unwind the pain, is to be AWARE of our sitting posture and CHANGE it.


How when we stand with our weight shifted into one hip, and then transition to walking forward, always leading with the same side? Over time creating an imbalance in the leg, foot, ankle, hip, pelvis, spine, and shoulders creating misalignment (which can lead to injury and ultimately surgery) and invariably pain.


Maybe you’re like me and find yourself using a knee/thigh to close drawers or doors. Which puts undue pressure on the knee and hip joints. And a rotation to that side we always use. Creating hip and spine rotation constantly spirals us in that direction. If we are AWARE of how it just doesn’t feel right in our knee or hip when we do this crazy thing. We are then able to CHANGE this and close said drawer or door correctly without putting undue stress and tension on our joints.

As we become more AWARE of these daily repetitive movements. Identifying them maybe just by noticing but many times in our AWARENESS of how the body feels, when we use our body efficiently and how it feels when we use our body detrimentally. We can begin to create CHANGE in our bodies simply through our AWARENESS.

For many of us these repetitive movements have probably been a part of our daily lives. So once we become AWARE and make the habit CHANGE, then we can choose to ACCEPT the facts and begin working, with our movement to unwind the issues we’ve created. But also ACCEPT we are human, we are busy ~ we are scattered and fragmented many days. Give yourself GRACE to begin facilitating CHANGES, maybe first through Breath ~ Relaxing ~ Self Reflecting Body Assessment (which is just closing your eyes and taking the time to notice the messages the body is giving us)

Those are the changes I honestly geek out over helping my active go-getter students with. Identifying ~ Locating ~ Releasing ~ Unwinding ~Stretching ~ Strengthening AREAS that they can begin to facilitate healthy balance and movement in the body. Which also frees our minds especially if we’ve fixated on the PAIN for a long time. But the super cool thing is how intelligent it makes our bodies, to the point we don’t have to constantly think about, whether we are doing a thing with healthy movement.

Our bodies will automatically realize “Ouch or Hum that doesn't feel right let me pull from my strategies and reposition myself” “aah! There that feels so much better, less restricted and not PAIN causing”

Curious, after pondering this do you see areas of new AWARENESS, where you can begin facilitating CHANGES while being ACCEPTING where you are now, where you’ve been and where you're headed?

Want to deep dive into learning tried and true strategies you can pull from daily to help reduce stress? ease PAIN and Tension? calm the exhausted mind and create body intelligence.

Join Patti Saturday, August 27th for her Deep Release and Nurture class. Check it out here.

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