Just Breathe….

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Do you find days you get so wrapped up in life and running from here to there and doing this and that that you begin to feel more anxious, more tight, maybe even irritable? I find those are the times that I am also forgetting to #breath and by just pausing and taking a deep breath in and what I call a sigh of relief exhale it is like the weight of the world has been lifted off.

The breath is such an amazing part of our system that nourishes us, creates warmth and space along with relaxing calm. So pause with me here and without thinking take in a breath notice how far it travels into the body, notice any tension and restrictive areas even take note of your current posture. Now sit up tall with a nice upright non-slouching posture and consciously take in a breath dragging all the air you can into the body thinking of it expanding and bringing warmth and life into the body and all its cells then slowly exhale with the intention of letting all the #stress, tension and clutter of your day just wave out of the body with the breath. Think of it like the tide rolling in at the ocean bringing in all the life and vigor and then carrying out and away all the tiny rubble and debris. Sit for a few minutes just taking this time to breathe and let go, allow the mind to become quite and allow the tension to just soften and fall off of you.