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Kick the Heels to the curb ~ foot effects

We all at some point in our lives have worn shoes with heels. And no I'm not just talking about the high spikey ladies' dress shoe. Any shoe that lifts our heel higher than our toes is a heel and can create negative effects on our feet.

So how can a lifted heel affect our FOOT? Let's consider the fact that if something is lifted, what happens to the other end? Yes, all the weight above shifts forward putting extra load. This extra load pours into our toes and their joints causing undo consistent pressure. You may say that there is pressure put into our toe ball when we walk or do an activity. Yes, you are correct, but that weight is not a constant it is a move through weight. When we are in a lifted heel we are keeping weight/pressure into the joints which causes compression.

Then let's think of the fact also that most shoes also have a tapered toe box. OUCH!! Now we are causing that constant pressure directly into the outer edge of our big toe ball. Hum, hello Bunion, or maybe your foot tries to compensate and adjust the pressure to the outer edge then creating that undue pressure into the small toe and increasing pronation. Maybe also increasing tightness and pressure on the outer ankle, knee, and hip.

Geez, I have dealt with a plethora of these joys and many of them I didn't realize until I started learning more about the body and working my feet. I had no idea the stress fractures, tendonitis on the knee, shin splints, easily torn ligaments in my ankles, blisters, calluses, along with knee and hip pain were largely due to my feet and their lack of flexibility and strength along with being very imbalanced and misaligned.

Due to my foot battles and triumphs, I LOVE sharing and empowering others with the knowledge and ability to conquer their own. We do not have to live with foot PAIN or other body PAINS because of our feet. WE can begin making small, but mighty changes to take back our Footability. You can enjoy walks with friends again.

Have a FOOT question or concern shoot us a message and we can chat it out and help you create a plan of action.

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