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Join Patti and start recovering your abdominal strength and tone, while relieving upper body tension, low back and hip pain. Using a whole body approach of awareness, release and strengthening. You will quickly notice your body becoming stronger, toned, more flexible and increase in your energy.

Series consists of 4 Private one on one sessions to address and work on your bodies specifics and 4 - Small group classes.


The 1st week we'll schedule your 1st individual session and begin group classes the 2nd week.
Only 3 spots available in this series.

Message to be put on waitlist for next series. 


From Patti:

Working with mama's to rebuild core strength and recover from the pregnancy is one of my favs.  Pilates helped me so much through my pregnancy. I was able to do it right up until about a week prior to birth, begin back per doctor ok 4 weeks after c-section birth, then I began my Pilates teacher training 5 months post, which helped greatly get me back to the pre pregnancy and actually better.  So trained with my mentor whom is a wizard when it comes to the female body pre/post pregnancy and beyond.  This helped me to learn how the female body works and how to help myself and those I work with gain the best whole body approach to movement.  

Because it is beneficial to learn things specific to your own body and also be in community with others.  This new series combines the best of both worlds. You will enjoy one on one sessions tailored specifically to you and the connections needed to begin recovering your whole body strength along with small group class to further the work along with creating community with other mama's.  

Would love to have you join us in January to begin Empowering your optimally functioning body.

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