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Duet or Trio Sessions

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”

- Joseph Pilates


Do you offer Group Classes?

We are a small specialized private studio and offer 

duet and trio (2-3person) sessions only. 

What is Required to Join a Duet/Trio?

All new individuals are REQUIRED to complete our Integrative Movement Partnership Application.  Upon acceptance, you will start your journey with our 5-week Movement Entry Series

This sets you up for the most optimal success for your body  , assessing your bodies individual needs, building a good foundation, identifying habitual movement patterns, along with learning how to safely and effectively work on the equipment.  Upon progress with private sessions you will be evaluated and welcomed into the group class that fits your specific needs and goals.  


 How Can Duets/Trios Help Me?

Strong, healthy core and structural muscles naturally and easily support the spine, which brings balance, alignment, and pain relief to the whole body. Regular practitioners will experience strengthening of these vital muscles, release from tight muscles, improved breathing, and a counter balance from daily repetitive movements. 

What Should I Expect? 

Prepare to take on a holistic view of the body from the feet, through the spine, to the head and neck. We emphasize breathing, mindfulness, and slow controlled movements. Clients find Pilates challenging yet low impact on the joints and respectful to the long term health of the body. The studio is calm and quiet and class sizes are small so that students can stay focused and centered.   

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