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Optimizing our Wellness ~ Part 2 the Breath

Many of us take our breath for granted and do not utilize it's full potential. How often do you actually take notice of the efficiency of your breath and the things that maybe restricting it? Lets dive a little deeper.

Posture: How we stand, sit and lie down can greatly effect healthy efficient breathing. If we are slouching, curled up, leaning to a side these take us out of natural alignment causing tension in our internal organs and connective tissue. Unfortunately over time due to bad posture and habitual movement patterns we take ourselves out of alignment and cause restriction in our breathing which not only effects the amount of oxygen we are bringing in but also the ability of our internal organs, muscles and fascia to move, expand and relax. When we are sitting up tall it allows our diaphragm and pelvic floor to contract and relax , the heart and internal organs to be massaged

Tools to support more efficient breathing.

Practice and Awareness: The more we practice our breathing and remain aware of the restriction areas the more efficient it will become.


There are multiple release techniques that can be utilized to begin unwinding the tight tissue to allow more efficiency in the breath. Many times the tightness we have in our shoulders, back and chest can cause restriction in our ability to breath fully.


Essential Oils can be very healthful in optimizing our breath. One of our favorites is Peppermint as it helps open up the breathing it can also be applied to the tissue to assist in relaxation and ease. We also love using the blends Deep Relief or Breathe Again as they come in a roller bottle to make ease of application. Want to learn more about integrating oils into movement checkout our 4 Days of Movement and Oils for Mobility.

Want to expand on your breath and take your movement and wellness to a new level?

check these upcoming opportunities:

Movement Mastery Series coming in January


Movement Immersion (2 spots open in January)

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